Mobile Water Management

Mobile Water Management

MWM develops software that keeps humans in the loop, empowering them with state of the art monitoring technology for mobile devices.

Using our technology, any person with a smart mobile device can objectively and accurately measure water levels (e.g. rivers, canals, wells) and read meter values (e.g. gas, water, electricity).

Field workers can collect and share valuable data, providing situational awareness resulting in informed decisions and more optimal use of scarce resources.

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MWM is a leading technology firm specialized in advanced pattern recognition and machine learning solutions that can measure water levels (e.g. rivers, canals, wells) and read meter values (e.g. gas, water, electricity).
Our mission is to drive complete digitalization of field measurement operations for utilities, agriculture, science and engineering.
We achieve this by:

  1. using mobile devices as an intelligent monitoring device, exploiting existing wireless/cellular networks and low-cost investment in infrastructure
  2. integrating our solution in widely used and industry standard software and hardware
  3. seamlessly connecting data sources and turn accurate measurements into relevant data in the field and office

Our goal is to become a global player in monitoring solutions that increase transparency by optimal use of scarce resources (water, electricity, gas).

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Ambitie als partner van De Bouwcampus

MWM would like to use De Bouwcampus network to:  

  1. inform potential clients in the water/engineering sector and;  
  2. meet partners that can bring our smart technology to market.


Mobile Water Management is gevestigd op De Bouwcampus: 
Van der Burghweg 1
2628 CS Delft
T. +31 (0) 15 700 97 27

Hajo Heusinkveld, directeur

Projecten: Met waterschappen, drinkwater bedrijven in NL, Noord America, Mozambique, SA




  • Werkvelden: Water Management, drinkwater, bouw sector
  • Thema's: Water management, monitoring, kalibratie, crowdsourcing
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