FlexBase BV

FlexBase BV

Climate change, land subsidence, massive urbanization and lack of effective land use are the main reasons for the flooding and bad water quality in the Asian delta cities such as Jakarta, Manila, Dhaka and Bangkok. People move from the provinces to the cities for economic reasons and build (illegal) accommodations in flood prone areas. Resettlement is very difficult. With the FlexBase concept we aim to reduce the vulnerability of urban poor communities in flood prone areas by low-cost amphibious floating housing will prevent the waste of human lives and financial capital. 

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FlexBase floating structures are directly built on the water and can be realized in any shape or size regardless of the location. The concept is unsinkable with a high level of buoyancy and is recyclable. The base of the patented FlexBase concept consists of EPS (also known as Styrofoam) and when necessary concrete.
There are three different systems:
1) FlexBase Light for light weight housing, sports fields, greenhouses and field crops. 
2) FlexBase for normal applications such as houses, commercial buildings up to 3 levels or industrial constructions with a relatively low load. 
3) FlexBase Heavy for car parks, high-rise buildings, capital goods such as LG installations or small power plants which are movable. 

Ambitie als partner van De Bouwcampus

Gezamenlijk met de Bouwcampuspartners het innovatieve concept drijvend bouwen verder ontwikkelen en de barrières slechten, zoals bouwregelgeving en juridische status. Verder; wat zijn de culturele effecten van drijvend bouwen in het buitenland met name in Azië. De bijdrage van FlexBase is het delen van ervaringen met drijvend bouwen in Nederland en met name in Azië. 


Flexbase is gevestigd op De Bouwcampus:
Van der Burghweg 1
2628 CS Delft

Jan Willem Roël, DGA: +31(0)651202933 - j.w.roel@flexbase.eu